Semalt Expert Describes 12 Types Of WordPress Sites You Can Easily Create

WordPress is probably the most powerful blogging site and content management system existing in the marketing industry today. For the past few years, WordPress started to gain popularity as the most accessible tool to use when it comes to creating blogs. Currently, WordPress is used by tens of millions of developers and content marketers to create websites ranging from professional sites to personal blogs.

Nowadays, news outlets, popular blogs, and music websites are using WordPress to hit their target market on time. In the marketing industry, WordPress sites are ranked as the best.

Oliver King, a top specialist from Semalt, provides here a list of 12 types of websites that you can easily create using WordPress.

1. E-commerce website

WordPress comprises of comprehensive plugins and high-quality themes to create a useful e-commerce website. An E-commerce website created through WordPress contains critical features that enable marketers to manage inventories and add shopping carts. WordPress sites also facilitate secure sending and receiving payments through the sites.

2. Business forums

Are you working on creating a business directory? WordPress is the best tool for you. Take advantage of WordPress to build a business style website and get an opportunity to add your business details and embed links on your website. WordPress sites allow visitors to search through a range of businesses.

3. Wiki-style website

Efficiently manage your content by creating your website using WordPress. Commonly known as knowledgebase websites, wiki websites requires internal linking to available documents and posts. WordPress gives scholars an opportunity to categorize content by using tags and categories.

4. Online-based communities

Use WordPress to build up your online community based on a topic you are well versed with. Get a chance to share your content with visitors. Use the visitors list to create a list of emails that commented on your content. WordPress sites allow visitors to comment on your community site easily.

5. Academic websites

Use WordPress to create an academic website and get an opportunity to add resources associated with various faculties. Provide teachers and scholars with sign-in details to easily regulate and add useful content to your site.

6. Affiliate marketing website

Affiliate marketing websites are commonly known to many as niche affiliate websites. By creating niche affiliate websites using WordPress, you can earn extra dollars by driving real traffic to your site. A good number of visitors can end up buying products discussed in your posts.

7. Portfolio-style website

Let your products, design, and art do the talking for you. WordPress sites comprise of themes and features that offers artists an opportunity to showcase their capabilities to visitors.

8. Community job board

Use WordPress to create an online job board where clients can post and find jobs easily. WordPress sites are easy to manage and customize.

9. Photography-based website

Create a photography website using WordPress to enjoy Wiral and Pingraphy themes on your site. Upload photos on your homepage without encountering technical errors.

10. Business website

Choose from a variety of themes and categories for your WordPress site and manage the layout to fit your business specifications.

11. Blog website

WordPress plays an integral role towards the success of blog websites. WordPress sites can be developed by anyone willing to have a website.

12. News and Magazine website

Making it readers for visitors and potential clients to find your content is all that matters when creating a news and magazine website. WordPress sites offer journalists an opportunity to publish high-quality news.

WordPress is the best option for marketers and journalists working on driving traffic to their websites. WordPress comprises of enough themes, plugins, and categories to choose from. If you are working on building a website, WordPress is the best option to consider.

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